Winter Skincare

So as the weather is now turning colder it occurred to me that we wouldn’t dream, of going out without wrapping up to keep ourselves warm…
So why do we think it’s ok to go outside without some protection on our skin, especially on our face.

The winter months can play havoc with our skin, firstly we have the colder temperatures, the biting winds that can make our skin feel sore and sensitive. Add on the fact that we move into our centrally heated environments where any moisture that we may have is sucked out, our skin will be drier, more sensitive and suffer from this lack of moisture.
If you are slightly older your skin will also be changing, especially if you are going through the menopause.

The products that we used through the summer months may not be right for the skin at this time, you may need to switch things up and use something more nourishing or hydrating especially if you already suffer from conditions such as sensitive skin, eczema, or Rosacea.In the summer months there is more moisture in the air and when using the right products we can draw this in to help alongside our skincare, in the winter the moisture in the air decreases so our products don’t work the same way.

So what should we do?
Come and see your Aesthetic Professional for guidance on which products might be suitable to help your skin through the winter. It’s important to use the right type else you may cause blockages or breakouts in the skin.
Remember it is just as important to use your SPF during the winter months to prevent the UVA rays from damaging our cells, these are the rays that ultimately age us.

AlumierMd have introduced “Hydrarich” a new biome friendly moisturiser that increases levels of good bacteria on the skins surface whilst eliminating some of the bad bacteria. It is highly nourishing and is perfect for anyone who has particularly sensitive, broken or irritated skin.
If you would like more information on this or how else we can help you and your skin then contact us to arrange your personal skin analysis appointment. Use the contact us tab to reach out to us at Renatus Clinic.

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