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3D-Ultimate Pro Medical Version

3D-Ultimate Pro (medical version) is the latest device offering improved results for non-surgical liposuction treatment that delivers targeted fat reduction, body contouring and skin tightening.

Everyone is born with a different number of fat cells, we are all different. Gym and exercise will burn fat cells, but larger cells can remain and sit on top of the muscle. Fat cells contain a nucleus in the lining; if anything happens to the nucleus the fat cell will die, so we aim to target the nucleus in our treatments. With Cavitation we break down the cell membrane, making the cell vulnerable. The latest technology on the 3D-Ultimate Pro begins to beak down the fat cells after just 15 seconds, the older models took 1 minute 30 seconds.

The NEW 3D-Ultimate Pro has been designed to significantly improve results through a specification upgrade in addition to offering a significantly improved client experience. It has been manufactured under stringent ISO13485 standards and complies with all EU medical grade regulations. It’s probably one of the most advanced treatments of its type in the fight against targeted fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

The treatment results are further enhanced by clients exercising and maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Its 3-dimensional approach to the problem ensures that you will experience one of the most effective services of its kind available today.


Introducing the unique combination of the Electro and Cryo Therapy.

The process freezes the fat cells, the plates on the hand piece have a pin point temperature control due to the latest thermostatic safety control accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees celsius. With variable temperature cryo to -10 degrees celsius which is digitally controlled on the hand piece the fat cells are crystalised destroying the fat cells. The exposure to the cooling causes cell death of Subcutaneous Fat Tissue without damage to the overlying skin. The body’s normal metabolic processes gradually eliminate the fat cells from the treated area. Results take longer to be seen, but are effective as part of a course when combined with the Cavitation. 20-40% of fat cells can be lost in the treated area from one application.

With the different technologies on the unique 3D-lipo machine, the practitioner can fully assess the areas of concern and then best advise the client of the most appropriate treatment in the free consultation.

Treatment prices

Combination modalities using Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency fat melting/skin tightening & Shockwave

Abdomen & Flanks (60 mins)from £110
Legs (80 mins)from £130
Cryolypolysis Fat Freezing (one area)£140

3D-Ultimate Pro FAQs

Before and after images

What body areas are treated with 3D-Ultimate Pro?

3D-Ultimate Pro is an effective treatment for many areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen (‘love handles’)
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Inner knees

Why choose 3D-Ultimate Pro?

3D-Ultimate Pro uses Cavitation, the latest non-invasive body contouring treatment for localised fat and cellulite. 3D Cavitation utilises a single Transducer Technology, creating discordant waves of Ultrasound that dramatically enhance the disruptive power of the Ultrasound energies which in turn enhances the Cavitation effect and Fat Removal Treatment results, it reaches to a body depth of 3cm. 3D Cavitation ensures a large treatment area and reduced treatment time.

How does 3D-Ultimate Pro work?

Cavitation is overall inch loss treatment, body contouring with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no downtime, and is a risk-free alternative to liposuction. 3D-Ultimate Pro uses cavitation – a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound produces a strong wave of pressure, targeted at fat cell membranes. A fat cell membrane cannot with stand this pressure and therefore disintegrates into a liquid state.

The result is natural fat loss.

What happens to the released fat?

After disruption of the adipose cellular membrane the fat, in the form of triglycerides, is released into the interstitial space between the cells. Here, they are enzymatically metabolised to glycerol and free fatty acids. Water-soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source: the insoluble free fatty acids are transported to the liver and processed as fatty acids from food.

Is 3D-Ultimate Pro for You?

3D- Ultimate Pro is perfect for clients with stubborn fat areas and sagging skin from excess fat. Where traditional liposuction targets only the underlying fat layers, 3D-Ultimate Pro removes both the deep and superficial layers of fat. It gently reshapes the body back into its natural contours, creating a more youthful and rejuvenated figure. Clients struggling with stubborn bulges of fat around their abdomen, thighs, arms, hips and back will find 3D-Ultimate Pro a viable solution to permanently removing unsightly fat deposits.

Having the different technologies allows us to create a bespoke treatment depending on your needs. The number of treatments and technologies used will vary from client to client.

Will I see immediate results?

The Ultrasound Cavitation process is a gradual one; the fat cells are destroyed each week during the procedure. Some clients feel a difference after one or two treatments but most start to notice a difference after 4 consecutive weeks of treatment.

Are the results permanent?

This all depends on the client’s lifestyle post treatment, if they are eating a healthy balanced and are excerising regularly then they are more likely to maintain results.

Is the treatment painful?

The 3D-Ultimate Pro is not painful, most clients find themselves falling asleep during the treatment. There is a slight build up of heat particularly during a longer treatment of 40 minutes of cavitation, but it is bearable.

What are the side effects?

Clients may experience some heat rash on the area treated, or slight bruising on hip or rib areas. But generally no other side effects are experienced.

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