Which scrubs or forms of exfoliation can I use?

So you may already be exfoliating regularly, or you may feel like your skin feels rough, dull and bumpy. But the big question is… Are you using the right product?

As we age it takes longer for our dead skin cells to desquamate, they sit on the surface layer of our skin for longer. If you suffer with Acne then you may have excess keratinisation, which is a build up of dead skin cells which could be a contributing factor to your spots.

So what do we do? We exfoliate, now some of you may remember the “Aapri Apricot scrub” I know it was a firm favourite of mine as a teenager I love that red faced clean feeling after I had scrubbed my face with it, or you may go for the exfoliating gloves option or something else.
I have had the benefit of improving my skincare knowledge over the years and have worked hard and attended many courses and training sessions to now know better. As an aesthetic professional I would like to share some other options with you.

Facial scrubs should not be too abrasive, try the product on the back of your hand, if it feels scratchy then do not use it on your face. It needs to be finely milled else the particles can create micro-tears in the skin’s surface damaging the skin’s barrier. These micro-tears weaken the skin’s barrier making the skin more prone to environmental damage and will let in bacteria that would normally be kept out.
Scrubs can make the skin feel soft after using, but if you are looking to remove blackheads or white bumps then you will not succeed as scrubs will not work on that. You are much better off using an exfoliant like an AHA or BHA.
An AHA uses an acid like Lactic acid to break down the bonds that attach the dead skin cells, by dissolving these bonds the dead skin cells come away without the use of a harsh scrub, they will make the skin feel soft, but also add hydration and plumpness to the skin.
A BHA will be an acid such as salicylic, this is drawn to oil in the skin so it can penetrate the pores and clear out any excess oil making this an ideal exfoliant for an acne prone skin, by clearing the dead skin from the pores and then clearing the oil inside it will help to prevent further break outs on the skin.

If you suffer with acne, eczema, rosacea, a sensitive skin or any other skin condition using a scrub may actually make the condition worse and further damage your skin’s protective barrier, this could lead to inflammation, sensitivity, flakiness or dryness in the skin or may lead to an increase in spots as you have spread the bacteria around the afce when manipulating the particles over the skin.

Here at Renatus we use the wonderful AlumierMD luxury medical range, they have exfoliants to suit all budgets and skin types and in your personal skin analysis and consultations we can take you through the different options finding the perfect solution to use.
The Bright & Clear Solution is a leave on exfoliant containing AHA and BHA, Lime pearl and Superox C to effectively brighten and clear congestion in the skin, it is also great to help with pore size, priced at just £39.50 it is a popular choice with some of our clients. These products are exclusive to clinic and you have to see an aesthetic professional before purchasing.

To book your skin analysis appointment or help with any skin condition or product advice then please contact us, we are always happy to help and share our knowledge,

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