Skincare in your 50’s and beyond

Women in their 50’s are likely to be going through the menopause or will be peri menopausal. Because the estrogen levels dramatically decrease it can have a big impact on the skin, especially the hydration, this can lead to the skin feeling much dryer. It can also result in atrophy of the skin (thinning of the skin),fine lines and wrinkles appearing and leads to poor wound healing.
Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient for hydration in the skin as it draws water into the deeper layers of the skin, so at this stage in your life you really need to be adding as much hydration and antioxidants that you can to replenish the skin and keep it healthy.

Your cells at this stage will be turning over very slowly, taking anything from 60-100 days from being a new cell to make their way to the top most layer of your skin, Stratum Corneum, where they sit as a dry flaky crisp. They can make the skin look dull and lifeless as they are hanging around on the surface. So exfoliation and any ingredients we can use to increase cellular turnover and brighten the skin are a must.
Vitamin’s A, C and E work really well together and should all be incorporated into your skincare. Vitamin A, Retinol, increases hydration in the skin, increases cellular turnover, plumps lines and wrinkles, helps to remove pigmentation from sun damage. Vitamin C and E are antioxidants fighting against free radical damage to the skin. Vitamin C is a skin brightener and is a vital ingredient in collagen production. When combined with Vitamin E it becomes 4 x as strong. Vitamin e is another antioxidant and is hydrating. So the combination of these will bring many benefits to the skin.

In clinic treatments such as chemical peels, facials and skin micro needling will all help the skin by turning over cells, stimulating collagen and adding hydration.

At this stage the sun damage that has accumulated over the years is now visible on the surface of the skin, so Tyrosinase inhibitors, ingredients to stop the formulation of melanin in the skin, and skin brighteners are going to help to reduce the newly visible pigmentation. Look for ingredients like Kojic acid, Liquorice extract, Arbutin and Vitamin C.
But once again a Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen is Non Negotiable….. this will protect the barrier of the skin and also protect against any further UV damage.

For more individual recommendations we can advise in our skin consultation process.

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