Skincare in your 20’s

In your 20’s unless you are suffering with a skin condition such as acne you might be forgiven for not thinking much about your skincare regime. But here is where the ground work starts for your skin later in life.
You actually start to age from 25 years, then losing about 1% of your collagen each year, so by the time you reach your 30’s you have already lost around 5% of your collagen… this might not seem a lot but if that continues your skin will eventually start to show the signs of ageing and then it is much harder to correct.

As at this age you will most likely be on a limited budget here are some simple products that will help your skin now and later in life.

The one big thing you need to be aware of is UV damage, Environmental factors including the sun, stress, pollution, alcohol account for 80% of ageing to the skin, that is a huge number. Meaning only 20% is down to good genes. But this helps us because it means we can limit ageing by what we are doing to our skin and simply protecting the skin with a Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF.
Broad Spectrum means it protects you against UVA and UVB rays… UVB rays are present on sunny days and they are the ones that tan the skin, UVA rays are present during daylight on any day, cloudy, rainy or sunny. It is these rays that cause more permanent damage as they can penetrate deeper into the skin damaging cells and DNA, so we need to protect the skin every day of the year with a good quality Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen.
This should not be in your moisturiser or your make up, it needs to be applied separately. The more you protect your skin the better your skin will be when you get older.

Another really good product to invest in is a good cleanser, not one that is harsh and will strip the skin, it needs to be gentle on the skin and be capable of removing dirt, pollution and impurities to protect the skins barrier. Make up wipes just don’t cut it, they just move dirt, bacteria and make up around your face and are also bad for the environment as well as your skin. And even if you have had a late night out DO NOT be tempted to go to bed without cleansing your skin, this all important part of your skincare regime will help to keep your skin healthy and prevent free radical damage from being able to penetrate the skin.

Another suggestion would be to start using a low strength retinol, such as a 0.25%, in your regime, this will help to turn over dead skin cells, hydrate the skin, stimulate collagen, it will also keep the skin vibrant and healthy. It helps Acne sufferers and is also great for pigmentation. This clinically proven ingredient is a must to stop the signs of ageing, so introducing it early is beneficial to the skin.

These three products are a must for anyone in their 20’s.
If you have a skin condition such as Acne, you may need to introduce other ingredients like Salicylic acid and Niacinamide to help with the acne, but we can advise in our skin consultations as that is what we have been trained and educated to do.We love to educate our clients then you are in the best position to make an informed choice about how to treat your skin.

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