This new term addresses issues that we are suffering from wearing mandatory masks for long periods of time. Google searches for Maskne were up 811% in June 2020.
The masks cause chaffing, rubbing and friction, this causes the skin’s natural protection barrier the hydrolipidic barrier to become compromised. Instead of keeping hydration in the skin, we get water loss and bacteria can get into the skin and cause inflammation and spots to form.
The masks also cause us to sweat on the skin underneath them, this causes an increase in oil production which can also cause spots and problems in the area.

To help the skin to recover and repair we need to treat the skin gently, here are some tips to help:

1.Use a gentle pH balanced cleanser, one that does not contain parabens, sulphates, perfumes or fragrances, which won’t strip the skin.
2.Make sure you change our mask often, ideally every 4 hours. This will prevent a build up of bacteria.
3.The skin may have become more oily, more sensitive or more spotty, you need to use a serum or moisturiser which will help depending on the new symptoms. Speak to a Professional Aesthetic Practitioner on which would be the best option for your skin.
4.You need to moisturise the skin because of the water loss, ideally at night as this is when the skin repairs. again this should be tailored to your skins needs. It is best not to use a heavy occlusive cream that will block the pores.
5.Try not to wear make up under the mask as this will also block the pores and cause further complications. Try using a physical tinted broad spectrum spa like our AlumierMD Moisture Matt to give the skin some colour rather than make up.
6.Make sure you protect the skin daily with a physical broad spectrum spf, do not think that wearing the mask will provide you with protection, UV rays can still penetrate the mask and cause ageing and free radical damage. Our AlumierMd spf’s also contain moisturisers and calming ingredients to help to protect the skin and the barrier.
7.Refrain from using greasy lip gloss or lipsticks as these will rub onto the skin under the mask and cause blockages in the pores.
8.Wash your towels, pillowcases and use new facecloths regularly to avoid bacterial growth on anything you use on or near your face.
9.Avoid using active ingredients like high levels of Aha or BHA acids or Retinol if the skins barrier is impaired. Allow it to recover and repair before using again.
10.Do not use harsh forms of exfoliation such as scrubs or mechanical cleaning devices as these will spread bacteria over the face and will strip the skin when it is already weakened.
11.Do not pick or squeeze any spots, this will lead to further inflammation and spreading of bacteria.

As masks are here to stay, don’t suffer in silence, speak to us about how to help your skin using clean medical grade ingredients. We are highly trained professionals and constantly improve our education to enable us to give you the best advice and recommendations for you. We have our AlumierMd range to choose from which contain no parabens, sulphates, perfumes or harmful ingredients.

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