What does Skinpen do for your skin?

Skinpen is a micro needling treatment that is sometimes known as Collagen Induction Therapy.

By creating micro channels in the skin we trigger a wound healing response, the area treated will go red, there will be erythema, this is a clinical endpoint and is just what we want to see. This wound healing response brings collagen Type III flooding to the area, just as when you cut yourself your skin goes red and begins the healing process.

The redness usually starts to fade within 24-36 hours and then the cells move into a process known as proliferation, the cells will repair and regenerate and remodel. This whole process can take some time with results starting to happen at 30 days but can continue post treatment for up to 100 days. The Collagen Type III starts to mature at around day 30 becoming Collagen Type I which is the building structure of our skin. This supportive Collagen is what we start to lose as it depletes from around the age of 24. By increasing our Collagen Type III which matures into our Collagen Type I we can help to naturally plump our skin with our own natural Collagen, rather than using a filler.

What are the benefits of a Skinpen treatment?

  • improvement in skin texture
  • improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
  • improvement in acne scarring
  • improvement in sebaceous activity
  • improvement in pore size
  • improvement in skin elasticity
  • improvement in blood flow to the skin
  • improvement in dullness to the skin
  • targeting areas such as jowls and brows to lift

A course of treatments are recommended to get the maximum benefits and improve the Collagen to help the skin. With minimal downtime this is a lovely natural treatment to make the skin healthier, fresher and get a fabulous glow. The skin will start to look fresher in just two weeks after the treatment with the Collagen starting to mature around 30 days post treatment.

Most clients are concerned about pain levels when you mention skin needling, but a topical anaesthetic is applied which makes the skin more comfortable. Some of our clients have actually fallen asleep during the treatment.

A full consultation is given to ensure that the treatment is right for you, this includes a full skin analysis and we will answer any questions you have. There is a risk of infection just after the treatment but all the precautions and our aftercare will be discussed so you know just what you have to do to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

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